Rules and Regulations

The licensee and its employees, agents, and guests shall comply with the following Rules and Regulations relating to the use of event space(s) at, and licensed through, the Fashion Institute of Technology (葡京线路检测网址).

  1. Licensee shall provide liability insurance coverage in the amount of $2,000,000 per occurrence (not aggregate) that names the Fashion Institute of Technology as additional 被保险人.
  2. Licensee shall not exceed permitted room capacities.
  3. 葡京线路检测网址 will determine and licensee shall be responsible for the all labor costs related to event production such as on-site 葡京线路检测网址 production manager and technical staff to oversee load-in and load-out, rehearsals, and the event.
  4. Licensee shall not operate 葡京线路检测网址 equipment or equipment leased by 葡京线路检测网址. 设备必须 be operated by 葡京线路检测网址 production/technical staff. The cost of such equipment and services 会向持牌人收费吗.
  5. Pre-approved equipment provided by the licensee will be operated by licensee under the supervision 配合 production/technical staff.
  6. Licensee must request technical support or equipment a minimum of two weeks prior 参加活动. Requests received after this time are subject to availability and will 不能保证.
  7. Licensee shall only use the 葡京线路检测网址 approved caterer.
  8. No food or beverages are permitted in the seating area of the 莫里斯W. 和房利美 B. 把手剧院 or Katie Murphy Amphitheater.
  9. No alcoholic beverages are permitted without prior written approval of the 葡京线路检测网址.
  10. Licensee will not make alterations to the premises. Licensee shall not use tape, nails, tacks, or screws on any surface of the premises.
  11. Licensee shall obtain 葡京线路检测网址's approval for all scenic and decorative elements prior 在安装.
  12. Licensee will not permit hazardous materials, combustibles, fuel, candles, or pyrotechnics 在场地上.
  13. 火 exits, any portion of sidewalks, entries, vestibules, hallways, elevators, or ways of access to public utilities must be kept clear.
  14. Licensee shall not use the 葡京线路检测网址 logo on any digital or printed materials.
  15. Signs, advertisements, show bills, posters, cards, or flyers shall not be posted on the premises without the prior 葡京线路检测网址批准.
  16. Audio recording or video broadcasting of the event is not permitted without the prior 葡京线路检测网址批准.
  17. Licensee shall pay for security services provided by and under the control and supervision 配合.


付款 for event space(s), estimated labor charges and equipment is due upon signing of the license agreement. Space is not guaranteed until signed contracts and payment for the invoice in full are received a minimum of 30 days prior 参加活动 date. 付款 for space is not transferable and 不退还. If additional labor and equipment are required beyond the agreed upon amount, an additional invoice will be 发布. 付款s for additional charges are due upon receipt of the invoice. 付款 by credit card is preferred.


取消 or postponement of the event by licensee may be considered by 葡京线路检测网址 as a breach of the License Agreement. 费用 paid by licensee are not transferable and 不退还. In the event that charges and fees due to the 葡京线路检测网址 are not paid as specified, 葡京线路检测网址 may terminate the agreement.


葡京线路检测网址’s Office of 环境健康与安全 will review and approve licensee requirements prior 参加活动 and ensure compliance of health and safety regulations and guidelines .

Smoking is strictly prohibited on the 葡京线路检测网址 campus.

Please note that 葡京线路检测网址 is subject to the same directives regarding social distancing, density, and mask-wearing as determined by governmental and health agencies.


Nikos Post, External 事件 Manager
Johanna Kendrick-Holmes, Interim Executive Director of 事件

(212) 217-4120
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